The Genius of Sticky Notes!

The Genius of Sticky Notes!

Do you have millions of post-it notes scattered on your desk and stuck to your desk monitor? Sick of searching through old post-it notes? Don’t despair…we are here to help and we are going to let you into the world of sticky notes! This fantastic little feature is part of the Windows package and it is handy to know about.

  • To use sticky notes, go to the menu icon in the corner of your screen and start to type the words sticky notes – it will pop up. Select sticky notes and the below will appear…an online sticky note:

  • You can write whatever you like on these, they are genius! If you click on the cross in the top left hand corner of the sticky note, another one appears:

  • Deleting a sticky note is simple. Click on the trash can symbol and your note will be deleted. You can also click on … to change the colour of your sticky notes…nice!


Having online sticky notes makes life so much easier for reminders, to do lists and much more!


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