How to Prepare Your Business for the UK’s Telephone Network Switch Off in 2025


Learn all you need to know about the upcoming changes in the UK’s telecom industry and how to choose the best VoIP provider for your business.

What is the UK's Telephone Network Switch Off?

The UK’s telephone network switch off, also known as the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) and ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) switch off, is a major transformation in the UK’s telecom industry that will affect millions of businesses and households. It is a plan by BT to phase out the traditional copper-based phone lines and replace them with digital, internet-based alternatives by 2025.

This means that by 2025, all voice calls in the UK will be made over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, which uses the internet to transmit voice data as packets, rather than using analogue signals over copper wires. VoIP offers many benefits over PSTN and ISDN, such as lower costs, higher quality, more features, and greater flexibility.

Why is This Happening?

The move is happening for several reasons. Firstly, the PSTN and ISDN networks are outdated and expensive to maintain, as they require a lot of physical infrastructure and equipment. They are also prone to faults, interference, and degradation, which can affect the quality and reliability of voice calls. Secondly, the demand for VoIP services has increased significantly in recent years, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, as more people and businesses have switched to remote working and online communication. VoIP offers a more modern, efficient, and scalable solution for voice communication, as it can handle more traffic, support more features, and integrate with other applications and devices.

Lastly, the the move is part of a wider digital transformation strategy by the UK government, which aims to improve the country’s broadband infrastructure and connectivity, and support the development of new technologies and services, such as 5G, IoT (Internet of Things), and smart cities. By switching to VoIP, the UK will be able to leverage the full potential of the internet and the cloud, and create a more innovative, competitive, and sustainable telecom industry.

How to Prepare Your Business for the UK's Telephone Network Switch Off?

  • Check your current lines.

    Find out if you are using PSTN or ISDN lines. If you have a PSTN/ISDN (analogue) line, it will be using the copper on the FTTC line for people to make phone calls. The PSTN/ISDN line will  be ceasing, leaving the FTTC in place for internet connections. This means anyone with a FTTC connection for internet will be fine, however, anyone using it (the PSTN/ISDN) for phone calls must move to VoIP (in the cloud), and only use the FTTC for the internet.

  • Check your current phone system.

    If you are using a legacy phone system that does not support VoIP, you will need to upgrade or replace it with a VoIP-enabled system. If you are using a cloud-based phone system that already uses VoIP, you may not need to make any changes, but you should still check with your provider to find out if there are any additional requirements. You can also use this opportunity to look for a new provider, for better pricing, features, and support.

  • Check your other services.

    You will need to check what other services are running on your lines, this can be alarm systems, EPOS machines, cash machines, door entry systems etc. You may need to switch these devices to IP mode, put in an Analogue Telephone Adapter that converts these services to IP, or speak with your provider to see if you need to upgrade these services completely.

  • Choose a reliable and reputable VoIP provider.

    There are many VoIP providers in the UK, but not all of them offer the same level of quality, security, and customer service. You should look for a VoIP provider that has a proven track record, a strong network infrastructure, a comprehensive range of features, and a competitive pricing plan. You should also look for a VoIP provider that offers local support, as well as migration and installation assistance.

  • Plan and test your VoIP migration.

    Before you switch to VoIP, you should plan and test your VoIP migration to ensure that everything works as expected and that there are no disruptions or issues. You should consider factors such as your internet speed and bandwidth, your network configuration and security, your phone number portability, your backup and contingency plans, and your staff training and awareness. You should also test your VoIP system and service before you go live, to check the quality, functionality, and compatibility of your VoIP calls.

When Do I Need to Start Looking at This?

The time to start is now. With this being a UK wide change, leading up to December 2025 when the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN) will be changing, there will be a backlog for line moves and VoIP migrations nearing this time, so getting your lines changed needs to happen now.

This is also a good time to review your current VoIP provider and your current Internet Service Provider to ensure you are getting the most reliable service, best response times, and the most valuable solution.

How can BCS Help?

  • Audit Current Set Up

    Auditing the current VoIP set up is a crucial step to ensure that you can switch to VoIP smoothly and efficiently. The audit will cover the following aspects. We will check what type of phone system you have, whether it is compatible with VoIP, and what features and functions it offers. We will check how many phone lines you have, what kind of service you use (e.g. ISDN, PSTN, broadband), and what your call volume and usage are. We will check what other services you use on your phone lines, such as fax, alarm, EPOS, PDQ, CCTV, or lift emergency systems, and whether these can be migrated to VoIP or need an alternative solution. Finally, we will check what devices and software you use to make and receive calls, such as handsets, headsets, softphones, mobile apps, or CRM systems, and whether they are compatible with VoIP or need upgrades or replacements. If you are a current customer, we will conduct the audit for free, as part of our ongoing support and maintenance. If you are a new customer enquiring, we charge a fee for the audit.

  • Recommendations & Third Part Liaison

    After the audit, we will present our recommendations for the best VoIP solution and Internet Provisions for your needs and budget. We will explain the benefits and features of each option, as well as the installation and maintenance costs. We will also liaise with any other providers that you use for your other services.

  • Complete Any Migrations

    Once the VoIP solution is agreed, we will then complete any necessary migrations. We provide a full managed VoIP service, with a 15-minute SLA for any issues or queries. We can also handle any line changes that you may need for your internet connection, such as upgrading to fibre broadband or switching providers. We will ensure you have a reliable and fast internet service that supports your VoIP needs. We will coordinate with you and the existing providers to schedule the migration at a convenient time, with minimal disruption to business operations. We will also provide training and support for your staff on how to use the new VoIP system and its features.

  • Ongoing Support

    We will also provide ongoing management and support for the VoIP system and Internet Services. We can handle any changes that are needed, such as adding or removing DDI numbers, changing voicemail messages, or updating call routing settings. We have a 15-minute response time for any issues or queries that you may have, and we will resolve them as quickly as possible. We are always available to help you get the most out of your VoIP service with BCS.


The UK’s telephone network switch off is a major change that will affect how you communicate with your customers, suppliers, and partners. By switching to VoIP, you can benefit from lower costs, higher quality, more features, and greater flexibility. However, you need to prepare your business for the switch off, by checking your current phone system and service, choosing a reliable and reputable VoIP provider, and planning and testing your VoIP migration. By doing so, you can ensure a smooth and successful transition to VoIP, and enjoy the advantages of the UK’s digital telecom future.

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