What equipment is required for a Managed Wi-Fi solution?

Managed WiFi

What equipment is required for a managed Wi-Fi Solution?

Managed wireless solutions are a great way to increase efficiency and productivity in your business. But what equipment do you need to invest in to ensure your wireless infrastructure performs? This question has been asked by many technology leaders seeking to improve the wireless experience of their employees and customers. The answer depends on what you are trying to accomplish. An organisation with complex security needs or high traffic volumes requires more than just standard networking equipment to deliver the requisite level and performance of security features and analytics tools. Equally, some elements are essential to designing a high-performance network; without them, you won’t achieve the reliability and uptime you need, especially in high-density environments. We’ll take you through the main four areas of equipment where we recommend you invest.

The equipment you need:

Access Points (Internal) 

Access points (or APs) create your WLAN or wireless local area network; these devices connect wirelessly to a router and project signal for use in designated areas around your office building, typically those spaces with poor coverage or no other means of internet connection. But when you have large numbers of devices connecting to your wireless network, it can soon impact performance.

Today’s wireless APs have an incredible level of functionality and can be managed centrally from the cloud. We recommend APs that are constantly monitoring their surroundings to maximise Wi-Fi performance. They measure channel utilisation, signal strength, usage and other essential aspects of a wireless network connection. They can track data from different Access Points, or any interference present within the area. Perfect as busy offices, warehouses or smart factories with lots of connected devices.

Access Points (External) 

External access points are the ideal solution for extending Wi-Fi coverage in harsher outdoor environments. Their outer weatherproof housing makes them great for covering larger outdoor workspaces without compromising on connectivity. We utilise powerful APs that deliver a seamless user experience through consistent real-world data throughput and broader coverage ranges, comfortably supporting many real-world use cases from IoT to outdoor arenas and hospital environments.

Physical/Cloud Controller

If you are looking for a solution with all the smart features required to ensure a smooth wireless experience, you will need a solution that includes either a physical or cloud-based controller. This is the piece that sits in the middle and monitors how well all Access Points are performing. It can dynamically make changes when needed, to improve wireless performance.

For example, if one Access Point is being heavily utilised, either by too many devices or a few users downloading a lot of data, it can move their connection to another, less utilised, Access Point, still in range. This type of feature is not available with basic wireless solutions, without a controller.

Futureproofing your wireless infrastructure: 

When you invest in advanced technologies, you’re making an investment in your business and your customer and employee experience. It’s important to keep up with the latest trends in wireless technology, mainly to ensure that your Wi-Fi solution can handle today’s bandwidth demands and connected devices and allows for scalability to handle challenges ahead without needing an expensive wired infrastructure upgrade. Our futureproofed managed wireless solutions are truly integrated, so everything performs as well as possible for the ultimate benefit of your entire IT environment and your IT security.

With so many decisions to make, you need a trusted partner who can guide you through the process. We’ll help you find the right equipment for your needs and get it installed quickly with no fuss or headaches. If you haven’t started building out your managed wireless service yet, our experts can advise you on the next steps. We offer Managed Services that deliver the latest technology and allow you to focus on strategic initiatives, while our expert team handles all of the day-to-day technical tasks. Get in touch today to start a conversation.