How can VoIP help with Remote Working?


VoIP was undoubtedly a ready-made solution for remote working. “Voice over Internet” is just as the name implies, a way to talk and have conversations over the internet. With a shift to remote working, employees will now be able work from home for the foreseeable future. This has made the demand for a suitable calling solution important.


VoIP is tailor-made for fulfilling this requirement.  It has all the features you would expect from a business-grade phone system. Moreover, it provides flexibility, which is necessary when managing a widespread workforce. With portability being one of it’s many strong points, it’s easy for users to get started.  A VoIP system is simple to install, and comes in the  form of easy-to-use software  This can be installed across a wide range of supported devices. Users just need an audio input such as a headset or microphone.  Even with an unstable residential internet connection, users can conduct calls away from the office without any problem.


Ongoing management is simple, with even the less technical minded among us being able to oversee any changes required. Departmental extensions and pre-existing settings should remain intact during the migration process. Retaining call logs and recordings are all still viable. Call transfers and routing will also continue to work as expected. VoIP can help keep your business running when it matters most.

Device Compatibility

VoIP solutions often offer apps that you can install on mobile devices as well as laptop and desktop computers. No matter what device your staff are using, there is a high chance that their device will support your VoIP system. Many reputable VoIP systems are also very speedy thanks to their low latency internet usage.  Even if your staff are using a slow broadband connection, many VoIP systems can still work efficiently.  For those outside of a residential setting, VoIP can still be used over a 3G/4G/5G connection. If you have staff who work across various locations,  their mobile internet service will still allow for this functionality.  This is crucial for keeping them in the loop and to able work as effectively as possible.

In Summary

For a flexible solution that can provide a communication option to your team, a VoIP solution really does excel at this.  A VoIP setup has become a crucial part of the IT  for many businesses in the age of remote working. To find out more about the differences between softphones and hardphones for VoIP, please see our blog here.

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