Which edition of Windows 11 should you use for your Kent business?


You might not be aware, but there are currently three versions of Windows that are designed for different needs; Home, Professional and Enterprise. Windows 11 Professional (Pro) is an operating system designed and optimised for a business infrastructure and puts important business objectives like security, uptime & reduced costs at the forefront of your digital workspace.

So how can Windows 11 Pro help my business stay ahead of the curve?

Business Management and Deployment

Quicker Setup

Onboarding new devices & staff members has never been so easy or quick. Windows 11 Pro allows for your essential business applications and tools to be installed hassle-free; keeping downtime to a minimum. Additionally, Windows 11 Pro has smaller and fewer updates, allowing your staff to continue working whilst your machine updates in the background.

Automated updates

Windows 11 Pro updates can be easily automated, helping reduce management costs and giving your organisation full control of when updates are deployed. This means delivery of updates can be scheduled in advance and outside of working hours, allowing your staff to stayed focused and productive.

Cloud computing

Keep all business documents centralised and accessible, no matter where you are, with Microsoft Azure. Employees can use a single login both for logging into their device & using other Microsoft services, simplifying the logon process and limiting the need for multiple passwords.

Mobile device management

Work from Home and Bring-Your-Own-Device policies have provoked an increase in smartphone and tablet usage, allowing staff to stay connected and work flexibly. Windows 11 Pro allows for your organisation to manage these devices, allowing for company data and assets to be protected and secure. Without this feature, important company information could fall into the wrong hands.

Security, Simplified.

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Increased Security

Bitlocker device encryption

If a company device is lost to stolen, Windows 11 Pro has the ability to encrypt all the data on the device – making it inaccessible to any unauthorized individuals. This ensures that all systems and information is protected against further crime. If the device is returned to the organisation, simply enter the encryption key to restore the data safely.

Additionally, this unique feature would be an important step in reaching GDPR Compliance. As a business owner, the responsibility lies with you to ensure that Personal Identifiable Information (PII) is kept secure. Having the ability to encrypt data on company machines (especially mobile devices), reduces the chance of data loss and a GDPR breach, for which you can receive a maximum fine of 4% of your annual turnover.

Windows Information Protection (WIP)

A unique and effective feature that is only included in Windows 11 Pro is WIP, which makes employees aware of when they may be accidentally sharing company information to outside sources. For example, if you have sensitive information in your clipboard and you accidentally paste it into a personal document, windows will warn you that you are pasting company-related information in the wrong place. This is a great preventative technology that is readily available when upgrading to Windows 11 Pro.

If you are interested in upgrading to Windows 11 Pro or would like to continue the conversation with one of our IT experts – get in touch below.