Does Your Team Have a Secure, Smart & Successful Remote Working Setup?

Remote working appears simple enough, but working off-site presents a unique set of challenges for business owners and managers.

BCS have put together an easy to follow guide and created lots of articles to help your team, and business, get the most out of remote working.

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Free Guide: Team Remote Working The Easy Way

How to quickly and easily put the pieces together to reduce risk and maximise productivity.

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Infographic: Building Digital Citadels

Remote working is vital to helping businesses thrive in an ever-evolving landscape. With many companies either being coerced into it, or taking the leap by choice, getting remote working right can have consequences for you and your team. To remain agile and successful in a physically distanced world, turning to technology to bring your business together digitally is a good choice. There are three key pillars that help build your Digital Citadel. Security – protecting your team is a must to enable continuous work. Software – picking the right tools for the job. Working Space – often overlooked but influences productivity tenfold.

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Do You Know How Secure Your Network Systems Are?

Can you say with confidence that your business is not at risk? We find that many businesses assume they’re protected, until the worst happens. Undertaking an IT Security Audit is a fantastic way to understand how all the pieces of the puzzle fit together to keep your business working consistently. It helps by identifying areas of weakness in your IT that could leave you vulnerable and put your business at risk. BCS can provide you with an independent in-depth look at your IT estate and its ability to withstand the worst.

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