Proud to be Employee Owned since 2018

Our team is invested in us, making us invested in your business needs with experts in IT Support, Cyber Security & Compliance; ready to build a strong foundation for all your IT needs. Backed by EOA-led research, Employee Ownership fosters a culture of improved employee well-being, unmatched productivity and constant innovation.

Employee Ownership Badge

What does it mean to be 100% Employee Owned?

After being employed for 6 months and passing probation, each of our employees becomes a shared owner of the company. This means they are entitled to their share of the profit that the business makes each year. Shares are held collectively in a trust on behalf of the employees, which is known as Indirect Ownership.

There are nearly 600 businesses in the UK that are employee-owned, including the likes of John Lewis, Arup & Mott Macdonald. Here at BCS, our employees own 100% of the business, whereas some choose a lower percentage.

The benefits of employee ownership have been proven in EOA-led research, and include improving employee health and well-being, increasing productivity and fostering creativity and innovation across an array of industry sectors. In addition:

  • UK employee-owned companies contribute over £30 billion to the UK economy annually
  • Employee owners have higher levels of job satisfaction, feel a greater sense of achievement and job security, and are more likely to recommend their workplace than employees in non-employee owned businesses
  • Employee-owned businesses operate in a range of sectors including healthcare, social care, education, transport, manufacturing, retail and professional services

Our Employee Ownership Council

Carrie & Dom were appointed by the team to be our EO Council – representing employees and continuing to ensure that employee voices are heard.

They provide an open space for employees to suggest ideas, provide feedback and encourage involvement from the team on how the business operates and performs.

Working for an Employee Owned Business

Working for an Employee Owned business like ours is a very different experience compared to a company with a standard business model. This is because employees have a direct say in how the business is run and therefore can create their ideal environment to work in. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from an employee-owned business:

  • An equal share of the business profits (usually paid out annually)
  • Representation at board level, via the employee council
  • Greater influence over company benefits, outings and office environment


I like to work in a place where people know each other by name and everyone has an integral part to play in running the business. Employee Ownership means I am not just a number; what I do directly affects the company, giving me a great sense of responsibility and duty.

Joshua Tong, BCS Employee

Working with an Employee Owned Business

Partnering with an Employee Owned business can create a powerful dynamic and successful partnership. Employee Ownership fosters a greater sense of responsibility and buy-in from employees, making your experience second-to-none.

Typically, Employee Owned businesses:

  • are more environmentally friendly, creating a better environment to operate in
  • have a low staff turnover, allowing for the development of long-term relationships and years of expert knowledge!
  • have happier, committed employees who are always willing to help
  • are more involved with charity and the local economy

We’re proud to be a part of this great community of Employee Owned Businesses, and also hold membership for the Employee Ownership Association (EOA), celebrating EO day every June.

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