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Your IT needs extend well beyond day to day computing. Robust IT infrastructure and reliable services are fundamental to ensuring uninterrupted production. Our service is designed to keep your systems updated and running, maintaining productivity and helping your business to flourish.

Did you know that Downtime costs UK manufacturers £180bn a year?

Manufacturing companies have a high reliance on productivity and uptime due to the nature of the industry. Often a few minutes of downtime results in a considerable loss in revenue that day and ultimately affects the supply chain. Unfortunately, a simple break down in the production line due to a WiFi outage can result in not delivering a product on time. Cashflow issues and reputational damage can soon stack-up. As a first step in prevention we offer a WiFi heatmap, to help you identify any potential areas where you may experience this downtime, and make recommendations to remediate. Contact our Sales Director, Jessica Murphy, to take advantage of this complimentary, no obligation service.

IT Fine Tuned For Manufacturing

Security As Standard

At BCS we take IT security seriously. We understand the pain caused by cyberattacks, and know what criminals look for when targeting the Manufacturing Industry. With our in-house cybersecurity specialists, to help you understand and identify the key threats to your business, you’ll be protected from the types of attacks that cause damage to other companies in your sector.

We make sure you’re always up to date with the latest happenings in the cybersecurity world, from a top-level view, allowing you to carry on running your business and give you the best chance of keeping Cyber Criminals at bay. Our tools, combined with our knowledgeable and passionate team, will do whatever it takes to help you to remain secure.

“On behalf of myself and our MD we would like to let you know that that we are extremely pleased with the smooth completion of the server replacement project. The Professional Services engineer has at all times been incredibly professional and accommodating to our needs, at times working out of normal hours and contacting third party software vendors to ensure all installs went as smooth as possible. We had minimal downtime, of which we were kept informed of beforehand, and minimal remedial work was required on the return to work. Whilst nothing like this goes completely without issues, the engineer dealt with everything that came up in a timely manner, solving issues as they arose. This has been the easiest server transfer we have experienced.”

Free Guide: Take Your WiFi To The Next Level and Beyond!

Written for the Manufacturing Industry, discover everything that you need to know about reducing downtime and maximising productivity with 360° Managed WiFi.

Would You Like To Know What Your WiFi Footprint Looks Like?

We can show you! Contact our Sales Director, Jessica Murphy, to arrange a free, no obligation WiFi Heat Map. Our engineers will visit and measure your WiFi signal to produce a unique visualisation of the gaps in your WiFi coverage. This will enable us to expertly identify the type of Access Points you require, in what quantity and where to position them for the best coverage.

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