Managed IT Security Services

Would your business survive a Cyber attack?

If you're not sure, it could be that your business is vulnerable to cyber threats or breaches. Our expert team is here to keep your IT security as tight as possible. We can also help educate your team to stay vigilant in today’s digital world.

Don't let IT Security be a cause for concern within your business!

What is IT Security & Why Do I Need It?

Cyber Security is the application of processes, policies and technologies in order to protect against cyber criminals. Cyber Security Managed Services are made up of the following areas:

  • Processes and policies relating to cyber and information security
  • Strong and open cyberculture in the workforce, with appropriate training on the subject
  • Implementing controls in the following areas: administrative, technical and physical
  • A strong understanding on the CIA Triad and how it affects the business – confidentiality, integrity and availability

Phishing is the biggest threat to SMEs. In fact, it accounts for 90% of all breaches targeted at businesses.

Phishing is generally explained as a fraudulent message sent to the target, that claims to be from a reputable organisation or individual. The aim of these cyber attacks is to have the target reveal sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers, that can be exploited by the cybercriminal usually for monetary gain.

Other common types of cyber threats aimed at businesses are:

  • Network breaches happen when a cyber criminal infiltrates a business’s network to access confidential and personal data for selling on the dark web. This type of attack can also be specifically targeted to cause a business downtime or corrupt important documents.
  • Malware is designed to execute in the background without you noticing. This way, the cybercriminal can monitor your behaviour and slowly gain access to everything you use.
  • Ransomware is used to restrict access to your network or completely shut down a business until demands are met. The demand is usually monetary, but can also be done for revenge or simply pushing boundaries.

Everyone and No one. Being the low-hanging fruit means you are a natural target, and not a specific target.

Everyone is susceptible to a cyberattack, however, your business could be specifically targeted because the attacker is aware of setbacks within your network, or they’ve been paid to target you. Without robust IT security measures in place, these types of attacks are extremely damaging because they are pre-meditated, being planned out months – sometimes years – in advance.

Without onboarding a Cyber Security Company to protect your business, you could expect the following damages and risks as a result:

  • Financial Loss
  • Reputation Damage
  • Loss of Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Higher Staff turnover
  • Loss of productivity
  • Loss of crucial business functions

…most notably, your business could face permanent closure.

A Layered Security Approach

Layered Security or ‘Defence in Depth’ is a concept used by the likes of Microsoft, who are top innovators of Managed Cyber Security.

We know working out what IT Cyber Security products and services your business needs can be a massive headache – especially with so many options available. Our job is to get to know your organisation and help you cut through the noise and implement the most secure solutions for your business.

In our experience, the most secure businesses adopt a layered approach to security and recognise that having Anti-Virus and a Firewall alone may not be enough to keep their businesses safe. Our approach has always been to provide a mix of security solutions, designed to mitigate your exposure to online threats.

We have a range of flexible Hardware as a Service (HaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) options available, to help take the pain out of managing your IT security!

Your Dedicated IT Security & Compliance Team

Cyber Security is a constant concern for businesses. Our Security Experts are here to assist in building a Security Strategy to mitigate this concern for your business. Our team is here to keep your IT security as tight as possible, whilst educating your team to stay vigilant in today’s digital world.

Our Managed IT Cyber Security Services

Nine out of ten cyber-attacks start with an email. And they’re getting more and more sophisticated.

BCS can help keep your customers and data safe, thanks to one of the industry’s most comprehensive security platforms. Our solution combats spam and malware, along with advanced threats such as spear phishing and ransomware.

Plus, our tamper-proof archiving will keep you compliant with email retention policies. You’ll also have full cloud backup, so you can access every email when you need to, protecting your business from corruption and deletion.

Keeping your Wi-Fi isolated and secure has never been more important – without adequate controls or security, your business and your data could be exposed, without you realising it.

From providing secure guest access, to keeping your corporate wireless network locked down, our Wi-Fi wizards have a solution to meet the needs of your business.

Not sure if your Wi-Fi meets the grade? Get in touch with BCS and together we’ll make sure you’re a wireless winner.

The truth is, Windows Defender won’t cut it when it comes to cybercriminals. That’s where our Managed Firewall Service comes in.

Our next-gen firewalls are made-to-measure and deliver enterprise-grade security and visibility, stopping encrypted threats, phishing attacks, and blocks ransomware from entering at your network edge.

The cost of recovering from a cyber attack can be enough to put you out of business. Mitigate the risk by adding a secure and 247 Managed Firewall Service to your security layered security stack.

What are the benefits of an updated IT Security Strategy?

Working with a Cyber Security company to make and implement an IT strategy provides multiple benefits to your business, across the board. A good IT strategy calls for business processes and capabilities to be optimised, refreshed and secure, making it a great driver to stand out from your competitors.

In your IT strategy, you will also want to include a Business Continuity Plan, which helps your business prepare a fast response procedure to incidents such as a Cyber Security breach.

Does your team have access to IT Cyber Security training?

More than 90% of network security breaches are caused by human error.

Even with all the best security solutions in the world, your employees can inadvertently become am entry point for cyber criminals into your network, often without even realising it.

At BCS we will work with your team to make sure they have all received up-to-date Cyber Security training – something we include as standard with both our support plans.

Our comprehensive online courses cover IT best practices, phishing and other social engineering techniques – we also have content on data privacy and compliance regulations for organisations that require it. It’s a one-stop solution to power-up your staff, and minimise the chances of a successful cyberattack.

Looking for IT specialists to help you tackle IT Security in your business?