5 Reasons Why Managed Services Might Not Be For You

Managed Services is not for everybody for a number of reasons, here are just a few:

  1. Price – Let’s get this one out of the way first – Our Managed Services comes with fixed and transparent pricing – 2 simple options that are easy to understand.We charge support per machine, not per user, which includes servers, workstations and laptops.For some companies what they really want is a pay as you go option. This often is a block of pre-paid hours where you can call upon a provider and they can take a look at your IT problem if one occurs.The advantage of this is you only pay when you need IT Support. The downside is you may find your IT systems are down for long periods of time due to the reactive nature of this kind of support.
  2. You have less than 10 computers  – if you have just a handful of PCs and laptops, it may not be necessary to have a Managed Services team working around the clock to support you.Don’t get me wrong, they will be the best managed PCs and laptops out there but it really won’t be cost effective for you or us.
  3. You have a great relationship with your current provider – Not every IT support company provides Managed Services. Some still provide a break and fix service or a reactive IT service. This provides access to a helpdesk whenever you need it.If you have a great relationship with your provider and things seem to be working, then switching to a Managed Service Provider may not be on your radar just yet.
  4. Everything works just fine – “If it is not broke, don’t fix it” This is the opposite of Managed Services where our team and systems are working 24/7 365 to ensure nothing goes wrong in the first place.However, If you are happy and confident things won’t go wrong then investing into Managed Services is not for you.
  5. You run an Apple Mac Environment – If your office is full of the latest Apple iMacs and MacBook Airs, then Managed Services from BCS is not for you. Our expertise is based around Microsoft based Servers, PCs and Laptops.


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If you think Managed Services could be a good fit for you, you can call to discuss our services further by calling 0800 6521 365.


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