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How can a secure password defend your business data?

May’s Webinar – Password Policies

In May, we ran a webinar around password policies.  Strong passwords are one of the many lines of defence that protect your business data and customer information. But many companies have weak or non-existent password policies, putting them at a heightened risk for data hacking.

During this webinar, attendees gained an understanding of what the best practices are when it comes to password policies in their business.  Our security engineer advised on how to additionally secure  passwords through added security measures, for instance, multi factor authentication and password managers. Finally, attendees were taken through creating a password policy for their business that they were able to take away and implement in the workplace.

If you missed the webinar, we have uploaded a copy below to watch and to share with your colleagues.

The Recording

Coming Up.. June’s Webinar – New User Policy

Protecting access to IT systems and applications is critical to any business. Access controls are necessary to ensure only authorised users can obtain access to an organisations information and system.

This policy is to provide a framework for how user accounts and privileges are created, managed and deleted. It includes how new users are authorised and granted appropriate privileges, as well as how these are reviewed and revoked when necessary and includes appropriate controls to prevent users obtaining unauthorised privileges or access.

In this webinar our security engineer will talk about best practises around new user policies, including onboarding and offboarding users and change policies.

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