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BCS Security Series

Cyber Security is a significant concern for businesses, and we want to ensure that we support other Kent based businesses by offering guidance and information surrounding this important subject. This May we created a series of live webinar events discussing three different topics within Cyber Security that we believe are essential and would further develop user’s knowledge in keeping secure.

Our hosts for this series were Khan Tomlinson, our Systems Administrator, and Lee Hutton, our Senior Support Engineer, who are experts in the field of Security. We ran these events via Teams, where users were able to engage with our hosts throughout, asking any questions that they may have, technical or otherwise.

Below are the 3 topics we covered, accompanied by the recordings of each. If you would like further information on keeping your business and your data secure, then contact us on 01843 572600 or education@bcs365.co.uk.

Do your employees know how to identify and avoid external threats?

Do your employees know how to identify and avoid external threats? In the current climate with COVID-19, we have seen data to prove there has been a peak in cyber threats online, so it’s important that your employees are equipped with the security awareness especially whilst working from home. In this session, we will cover off best practices to minimise threats such as identifying malicious emails, clicking on bad links and attachments, etc.

What is Multifactor Authentication and how can it help secure my accounts?

Multifactor Authentication is a security measure which requires two or more sets of credentials to authenticate a user’s identity. With the rise in Cybercrime, 1 password is no longer enough … especially when it comes to your personal and corporate data! In this session, we will cover off in more detail how adding Multifactor Authentication within your business is an effective step to ensuring your data is secure!

Is your home network keeping your corporate data secure, or leaving it exposed?

With the unfortunate events of COVID-19, a lot of businesses have realised the strength in Technology around flexible working via Cloud Solutions – allowing users to work from their homes, rather than in the office. The question you want to be asking is, is my data safe on networks that is not within the office. The simple answer is no, but it can be. Join this session to learn the shortfalls and risks of working on non-secure network and what measures you can take to be more secure.