Is Your Business Safe From Cyber-Attacks?

UK businesses are battling a huge rise in cyber-crime, capable of shutting down entire companies for hours, days and even weeks. According to a report published this year by PwC Global, here are some UK based statistics:

• 55% of UK organisations have fallen victim to cyber-crime in the past two years.
• More than one in three organisations report being victimised by cyber-crime.
• Cyber-crime is ranked as the second most reported financial crime, affecting 32% of organisations.
• 61% of Managing Directors are concerned about their security, yet only 37% of organisations have a plan in place, in the event their organisation is targeted.


Today, all industries are at risk – including some which may have considered themselves unlikely targets in the past. According to PwC’s Global State of Information Security Survey 2016, the sector registering the most significant increase in cybercrime activity in 2015 was retail.
Do businesses need more education and understanding of the threats of cyber-crime and how to prepare for them? “Businesses are a major target for fraudsters and these figures illustrate the significant rise in Action Fraud reports,” said the City of London Police’s Commander Chris Greany and Police National Coordinator for Economic Crime. “The true figure will be much higher and businesses need to take steps as many of these crimes could be prevented.”
As cyber-criminals become increasingly more sophisticated, strategic and bolder in their attacks, cyber-crime continues to become a growing threat and serious concern for organisations, all over the world.

  • Your Managed Service Provider (or outsourced IT support company) or in-house department will have all of this taken care of. One of the benefits of Managed Services is they prevent and resolve problems before they exist.
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