How does Managed Services work?

How does Managed Services Work

How does Managed Services work?

Being quite a new term to the IT scene it may not be completely clear exactly how Managed Services works.

Most people are familiar with the way traditional IT works, something stops working and you call the IT support desk and they jump on it and start trying to resolve the issue until its fixed.

So how is Managed Services any different?

Well to start if you are benefiting from a Managed Service you can still call in the same way if you think you have a problem, so nothing changes there.

The likelihood is that we already know about the issue and are most likely already working on a fix.

How do we know?

We run a very intelligent support system that puts a very small programme on all of your IT equipment that enables the system to know what is happening with every server, PC, and Laptop in your business.

The software then monitors everything that happens in your IT environment and seeks out even the smallest problems automatically. If it spots something unusual or not right it does one of two things:

1)    For some well-known issues, the system will attempt to fix the issue itself without any human involvement. This does not affect how you work at all and you would never have known any better other than your systems are still working just fine.

2)    If it is something that the system cannot fix itself, it will log a ticket with our support desk on your behalf. This will then be attended to in under the same response times under our Service Level Agreement as if you have logged it yourself. That’s right the system is working for you!

What does this mean for you?

This means that we are probably logging more tickets than you are and probably getting them resolved before you ever even noticed an issue in the first place. All of this happens in the background and you unlikely to have been affected or even noticed.

The benefits of this for you are really quite simple. Your IT systems run faster and problem free for longer.

What does this mean for us?

There is no thumb twiddling for our engineers as tickets come in automatically and with our Guaranteed response time of 15 mins for anything that stops you working and 1 hour for anything else, there is always work to be done.

Fixed pricing means it is in our interest to keep your systems up and running and keep the ticket numbers low.

This is why we include our preferred antivirus software in the price and this forms part of another of our guarantees. If you follow our best practices as well as run our antivirus software and still contract a virus of any kind, we will remove it and ensure your PC is running as it should be at 100% our cost, even in the event of a complete rebuild.

This gives you peace of mind that the fixed price will enable you to budget for IT support far more effectively.

There is more

Being a true managed services provider means doing more than just fixing problems. Our Net admin team do not respond to tickets that are user or system generated at all. They are a dedicated team looking to spend time improving your systems. They look for trends and other longer term solutions that will actually improve the experience you have of IT and extend the useable life of your IT assets.

Your staff

We understand that having your systems up and running for longer is without a doubt a positive but we also believe in the value of improving your staff’s knowledge of the Microsoft suite of applications we use every day.

The learning zone was created just for this. As part of our Managed Service we also provide training workshops almost every single week that you can send two members of your team to attend all as part of the service. This again is another of our guarantees. Should you make use of our learning zone and send your staff to the training sessions we guarantee that they will know more about the subject and how to apply it to their everyday role than before they started.

Not just IT support

So Managed Services is so much more than IT support. We consider ourselves as genuine technology partners to our clients.

We will continue to evolve and invest in our services, staff and accreditation’s to ensure we continue to be the leading Managed Services provider in Kent.

Does this sound good? Do you think Managed Services is something your company would benefit from? If so give us a call and let’s have a chat about how we can help you?