Harry Ashton

Service Director

“I’m proud to be a part of such an evolving Service department at BCS. Leading from the front line aiming towards our company vision, whilst at the same time being part of the development of our employees – seeing each and every one of them progressing to be successful and vital part of our organisation is exceptionally rewarding. I never shy away from change and I love getting stuck in challenging situations.”

A loving partner, father and son who is caring and has a big heart. Harry recently developed the newly-found skill of dealing with lack of sleep in which he now relies on music, food and beer to keep him sane – oh, and the support from his partner, Shelby, who forces Harry to do the dishes every evening.

Avid takeaway fanatic
Harry loves a take-away, or as some could say addicted! Even when trying to eat healthier, he seems to always wangle some members of the team to get the pizzas in!

Wind-up merchant
It’s been told Harry has superpowers in winding up Shelby, Sophia and Preston at home on a regular basis … apparently, he does it without even knowing himself – who would have thought it! #banter.

Salad dodger
Harry is a very fussy eater, and salad is not on the menu. If any of his food has any green bits in, it’ll more than likely either get picked out, or it won’t get eaten.

Harry is a lover of music. He can be found with headphones in, or speakers blaring to all types of genres. Normally has an irritating habit (to some) of rocking his legs to the beat, which quite often could vibrate some desks!