Do you want a faster, more productive, better focused, and happier team? We have just what you need…

Our training and learning platforms help users master popular programs, save time, boost performance, build confidence, and generally benefit your business all-round! All BCS customers have access to our dedicated platforms and specialists. Simply enrol your employees and they are away!

Learn Popular Apps Online

Learn anytime, anywhere. Tailor-made tutorials where you choose your path

At BCS, we live and breathe Education, which is why we offer online training for all of our customers, using an easy to use and highly customisable online learning platform. Take courses in an environment that suits you – anytime, anywhere. With a wide range of subjects, from Office 365 through to Windows 10, you’ll be able to boost your knowledge in areas that are relevant to you.

No more rigid, one size fits all courses. Pick a learning path that’s meaningful to you, your teams, and your business. Access course tracking information, to make sure everyone in your team is up-to-date and compliant where they should be. Our online courses give you the flexibility in deploying learning out to users at a time that suits you. Segment content by teams or individuals to create a more bespoke training path and achieve more effective learning. Gone are the struggles of losing multiple staff at a single time, impacting the business. Now training is accessible to everyone in a way that benefits all parties involved.

Keep your business secure – Specialist led cyber security training

Cyber Security is set to play an incredibly important part in our daily lives over the coming years. Recent world events have no doubt pushed cyber security awareness into the general mindset. It’s absolutely vital, now more than ever, that your business understands and effectively manages cyber security to stay protected and keep your business running.

BCS have in-house Cyber Security Specialists who are always on hand to answer any cyber security related questions you may have. We also regularly hold cyber security seminars, so you can keep up to date with the latest threats and trends in the cyber security world. These seminars will help you and your business stay protected with top tips and best practices. Don’t take IT security for granted at your business, doing so could be catastrophic. Financial and reputational loss are just some of the consequences of falling victim to a cyber-attack.

Cyber Security knowledge is at your fingertips with BCS!

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Need something tailored just for you?

On top of our existing training options, we also offer bespoke Office 365 remote sessions for you and your team. Whether it be a simple refresher on the ways of Microsoft Office, or a deep dive into the world of Pivot Tables, we can tailor a session to cater to your needs. Access the sessions from wherever you may be working and enjoy an interactive look into the tools and tricks within the Office 365 suite. Many online sessions tend to cover blanket subjects, without really focusing on what your team need to boost their knowledge and succeed. With our bespoke sessions, we’ll take you through the exact aspects that you need, all at your own pace.

Still not convinced? Here’s the training data…

Don’t underestimate just how important staff training is to the success of your business. The latest research papers prove it. Here are a few statistics to keep in mind about employees working in the UK.

35% Icon

Of employees who don’t receive effective job training leave their positions in the first year.

74% Icon

Of employees feel they are not achieving their full potential due to lack of development.

202% Icon

The approximate amount that engaged employees outperform those who are disengaged.