Sounds scary right? When the words “disaster” and “recovery” are mentioned our primal survival instincts kick in.

Business Disaster Recovery or BDR for short is both the processes and the systems to ensure that in the event of a disaster your business is able to continue to operate even in a reduced capacity.


Many will confuse BDR with their backups. Having a backup of your data is part of the solution but does not enable you to continue to operate very quickly.

For example: In the event of a fire at your business premises you may have a copy of your latest backup safe and away from the fire (because you don’t keep your backups in the same place as the server right ;-)) however what do you do with it now?

You would need to buy a new server and have it installed and then hope to recover the data from your backup (because you test your backups regularly right ;-)).

This could take days if not weeks to get set up and many phone calls to your insurance provider.

Could your business survive that amount of time without the ability to access your business data and systems?

How BDR is different

BDR is so much more than a backup. Business Disaster recovery makes multiple copies of your data both locally and cloud-based not just the data but also your entire systems. The result is the final copy of your data is included with a ready to run a complete duplicate of your system that we can turn on and run from the cloud.

So in the event of a fire in the scenario above, one call to BCS and we can turn on your server in the cloud and enable you to access it from any laptop or PC. This means you can continue to serve your clients in some capacity and at least have access to all of your data and systems in under an hour.

Once your new server is then built and ready we can easily transfer the data and system state to the new server and you can continue as before.

Can you afford not to have BDR?

BDR from BCS is a monthly cost and depends on how many servers you have and how much data you have. The question really should be can you afford not to have BDR?

BDR includes your file level backup so if you are paying a monthly fee for backup then this is a replacement for that cost.

Would you like to learn more about our BDR solutions? Check out our service page here!

If you would like to discuss your options regarding your BDR and backup requirements you can also call us on 0800 6521 365.


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