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The Office for National Statistics has recently begun asking people about their experiences of fraud and online crime in its Crime Survey of England and Wales. From these responses, the ONS could estimate that there were 5.6 million fraud and computer misuse crimes from June, 2015 to the end of June, 2016.

To put this into context, the total number of crimes recorded in the rest of the survey stood at 6.5 million over the same period, meaning that the number of crimes measured by the survey has nearly doubled with the addition of these new questions.

Out of these 5.6 million fraud and computer misuse offences, more than two thirds were specifically labelled as being examples of cyber-crime. This means they involved the internet or online activity. This would mean that there were 3.8 million instances of cyber-crime from June, 2015 to the end of June, 2016.

As many as 708,000 people lost money in fraud cases last year, while there were 487,000 instances in which people lost money due to hacking or computer viruses. Of the people who lost money due to fraud, more than a quarter lost more than £500 and 15.4% of them lost more than £1,000.

Cyber-crime has risen dramatically in recent years and unfortunately, is no longer an uncommon occurrence amongst businesses and individuals alike. However, the full extent of it in the UK is still difficult to gauge.


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