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We are pleased to report that we have once again achieved our Cyber Essentials PLUS certification. Our security expert, Lee Hutton, worked through the process with the certification body and for the third year running we are very pleased to say we have passed!

The Cyber Essentials Plus certification involves a questionnaire and also an external audit by the third-party certification body. This involves a consultant visiting the organisation to gauge the accuracy of their responses to the questionnaire. The opportunity to have an expert examining your network can also flag other areas where cyber security can be tightened, which is an additional benefit associated with this stringent certification. This comprehensive certification is somewhat broader in scope than the basic certification and takes into consideration more extensive aspects of any given IT network, such as a review of mobile devices, an examination of individual workstations, and a test relating to email and web attachments. The advanced certificate is a way in which an organisation can indicate that it has taken considerably more substantial measures to prove that it is secure.

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