FAQs: Multi-Factor Authentication

IT Security

We get it – Cybersecurity can be overwhelming. With a wide array of security technologies available it can be difficult to know which ones are right for your business, however Multi-Factor Authentication is a great place to start. If you’re considering BCS MFA for your business, we’ve outlined some key questions you may have whilst reviewing your technology strategy.

Q: Why can’t Microsoft’s MFA do the job?

A: Microsoft’s MFA is a very good product to use to secure your Office 365 environment. However, this is all you will be able to protect. BCS MFA has been built and designed to protect all your devices, logins, and software that other products, such as the Microsoft MFA will not be able to do.

Q: Won’t a strong password work just as well?

A: Not quite! Although having a strong password is deemed safe, if a user with a strong password was to fall victim to a phishing email where they submit their password anyway, it doesn’t matter how long or complex the password will be – as the attacker can see every character needed to log in.

Q: We change our passwords regularly – will this not just slow down logging in?

A: Changing passwords regularly is an amazing way to keep your passwords from being used, should they ever get leaked on the dark web. However, an attacker may be able to take the current password in a wide range of ways, such as phishing or brute-force – meaning changing your password will make little difference. MFA only takes on average 3-4 seconds extra to log in, which we think is well worth the time, for the extra security provided!

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Q: Do we have to do it each time we log in?

A: Yes! However, although this does seem quite excessive – you are providing the best security for your business. An attacker could strike at any time, and in most cases when you’re not in typical working hours. For the solution to be effective, you must use MFA on each login.

Q: Our staff don’t have mobile phones, can they still use MFA?

A: Of course! MFA can come in a wide array of forms, including physical products such as MFA dongles that can fit onto a keyring, which can be used to verify your identity instead of a mobile push notification, or access code! Tell us your requirements and we’ll see what we can do for you!

Why you should use BCS MFA…

Using any MFA system adds much stronger security around your systems, but when using BCS MFA, you get so much more than just a tool. Want to get the ball rolling by securing your environment?

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