With cyber-crime on the increase year on year and changes in data protection regulations that came into play in May 2018 there has never been so much focus on keeping your data and systems safe, secure and recoverable.

Therefore, here are five top tips to stay safe online:

Five Top Tips to Stay Safe Online!You must have a strong password:  

Use a strong mix of characters such as: ! ? £ 

The four don’ts: 

  • Don’t share your password with others 
  • Don’t write it down 
  • Don’t use the same password on multiple sites. 
  • Don’t write it on a post-it note attached to your monitor, ever! 

Be careful when clicking attachments in emails. 

Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Do I know the person who is sending the emails? 
  • Was I expecting this email? 
  • Have I received emails from this person before? 

Be careful when you are browsing something sensitive, such as internet banking! 

This should only be done on a device that belongs to you and on a network that you trust. Whether it’s a friend’s phone, a public computer or a cafe’s free Wi-Fi—your data could be copied or stolen! 

Watch what you’re sharing on social networks.  

Criminals can befriend you and easily gain access to a shocking amount of information such as: 

  • Where you went to school 
  • Where you work 
  • When you are on holiday 

This can help them gain access to more valuable data. 

Be wary of what information you give over the phone and online. 

People can try and gain information from you through manipulation 

If someone calls or emails you asking for sensitive information, it’s okay to say NO. Five Top Tips to Stay Safe Online!

You can always call the company directly to verify credentials before giving out any information. Never openly give information out if you don’t feel comfortable with who you are speaking to. 

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