How a Secure Password Defends your Data

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How a Secure Password Defends your Data

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How Can I Create a Secure Password?

You no doubt get prompted to change your password a lot and it’s important that you pick robust and secure password from a cyber security perspective. It’s tricky to pick something that isn’t easily compromised, or that you’ve used before. However, there are a few methods you can employ to end up with a memorable and secure password.

Common Requirements

The first thing you’ll need to do is ensure that your password meets a few common requirements. First, a password is normally required to be a minimum of eight (8) characters. Secondly, it will need to include a mixture of the following: Uppercase & Lowercase letters; Numbers; Symbols. Lastly, it will need to be unique and not a rehash of previously used login details.

Memorable not Guessable

The above is a priority, but it’s easily to fall into the trap of using something easily guessable or relatable to yourself. Password1! is a good example. It meets all the criteria, but is highly easy to guess. One method is to adopt a completely random approach. n7#2kef8-ske022s0l would be good – although very hard to remember! An alternative would be to take the random elements and wield them into something memorable. 0r4ng3#bikeWith-w1ngs is a good example. It’s random, contains all the criteria needed, but crucially, it’s memorable. It’s easy for the image of an orange bike with wings to stand out in your memory. The point is to use something so random that only you would know it but also remember it.

Picking your Password

Sometimes, a more random choice can trump a long password, so heed this when picking your next one! It’s important to not overwhelm yourself when picking a password. Utilising some of the etiquette discussed above, you stand in good stead when it comes to being secure.

For more advice and information on how to stay secure and what a good password looks like, get in touch on 0800 6521 365 or see our website for details.

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