How to Report a Cybercrime

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Whilst the best method of dealing with cybercrime is preventing it from happening, there are still thousands of cybercrimes that still occur each year, and with technology advancing at a rapid rate, sometimes breaches can go completely undetected. As a business owner, you might want to know not only how to detect a breach but also what the next steps are if a breach occurs.

 How can I tell when my network is compromised?

There are a few tell tale signs of a breached network such as:

  • Disabling of your antivirus
  • Unusually slow & sluggish PC
  • Receiving bounce-backs on your emails & Out of Office status whilst you are in
  • Mysterious black boxes flashing on your screen (this is actually the hacker running commands to infiltrate your network)

Of course, it is important that you notify your IT provider straight away if you notice anything suspicious happening on your PC – this may be a sign that you have been hacked. Whilst remediation is limited when reporting a cybercrime, this is an important step to helping cybercrime agencies identify new threats and prevent others from being breached in the same way.

Reporting a cybercrime

To report your breach immediately, you can head over to the Action Fraud website where you can make an account and report a cybercrime online or alternatively call them on 0300 123 2040.

Note: We recommended using an uncompromised device to report a breach

If you believe the cybercrime committed against your organisation breaches the GDPR or the Data Protection Act 2018, you are encouraged to report this to the ICO, as stated on their website:

If you experience a personal data breach you need to consider whether this poses a risk to people. You need to consider the likelihood and severity of the risk to people’s rights and freedoms, following the breach. When you’ve made this assessment, if it’s likely there will be a risk then you must notify the ICO

If your business is an operator of essential services in the following sectors, you can also report a cybercrime to the National Cyber Security Centre for support and guidance on your breach:

  • Energy
  • Transport
  • Health
  • Water
  • Digital infrastructure

Why should I report a cybercrime – will it affect my business?

Only half of cybercrimes committed are actually reported; it is important that we report details of a breach, so we can help to protect other businesses from falling victim. The more information governing bodies such as the NCSC have, the more capable they are at preventing these crimes, and receiving justice.

If you have an IT security concerns or want to talk to an IT security professional, please email and one of our experts will get in touch.