What does CompTIA Managed Services accreditation mean to me?

What does CompTIA Managed Services accreditation mean to me?

The Problem with Accreditation’s

The problem with accreditation’s in our industry is that they do not really mean anything to anyone but us.

We often display them on our websites and other marketing materials proudly in the hope that it will add credibility and weight to our offering.

Why should you care?

So why should you care that we have achieved the COMPTIA Managed Services Accreditation?

The bottom line is our commitment to being Kent’s leading Managed Services Provider.

What does “Leading” mean?

We want to set and raise the standard of IT support in Kent.

Providing you the best possible IT Service to enable you to do be the best at what you do, with your IT systems as an enabler and not a hindrance.

BCS are proud to be Kent’s only certified COMPTIA Managed Service Provider and one of only 3 nationally.

The accreditation simply demonstrates our commitment to managed services and abilities to deliver on our promises.

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