Microsoft Cloud Services Updates
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Some big, big numbers…

Microsoft recently announced that they were making some changes to their cloud services in light of recent events. As you can imagine, remote and home working has increased dramatically over the previous few weeks. Many companies, including Microsoft, are now taking steps to ensure their services remain accessible despite huge spikes in user activity. Here are some mind-boggling stats that demonstrate such surges in usage:

  • 775% increase in cloud services in regions that are enforcing social distancing.
  • 900 million minutes of meetings and calls per day via Microsoft Teams in a single week.
  • Virtual Desktop usage increased more than three-fold.

Behind the scenes, theses stupendous stats will result in some user-based changes that will allow Microsoft to continue to facilitate a smooth experience for everyone. Read receipts have been temporarily disabled, typing visibility is also disabled, and video quality as been reduced. All these measures have been put in place to release some of the strain on Microsoft services. Although changes were necessary, they should not impact day-to-day usage of Teams and other cloud services.

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