How Much Does Managed Services Cost?

How Much Does Managed Services Cost?

If you are not familiar with the concept of managed services, we suggest checking out this blog here first.

Done? Great, now let’s talk about how much it costs and how that can work for your business.

Old IT Support Pricing

Historically, IT Support has been one of those lines in the budget that never seems to stay on target. This was due to the way IT support worked. If something went wrong it generally meant cost.

Remote IT support changed that somewhat in that you had access to a helpdesk who you could call when something went wrong and they would leap to attention and solve your issue as quickly as possible.

If the system had gone down completely it would sometimes require a site visit to get things up and running and again in most cases that meant cost.

Managed Services

Managed Services is a very different model altogether. As you have realised by now Managed Services is a very pro-active service.

Not only do our systems detect potential problems and create tickets automatically, we also have dedicated resources in our Net-Admin team who are tasked with improving and streamlining your IT systems rather than waiting to respond to problems as they occur.

The reason I am telling you all of this is to demonstrate how the Managed Services model is built-  it is in our interests to keep your systems running as smoothly as possible.

We charge a transparent and simple fee per user per month across the board.

Service Level Agreements

We operate two levels of support tickets:

P1 – Business Limiting – This is an issue that is stopping you do your work.

P2 – Administration – Such as adding new users


P1 tickets have a 15-minute response time with an average response time of just 6 minutes

P2 tickets have a 60-minute response time.



We have 2 flavours of support in order to make it really simple for you to understand:

The main difference between the two is the 365 IT Support Plus includes Hardware Support.

This covers you for any hardware failures of your servers, workstations and notebooks. Those listed under the agreement will be repaired including both materials and labour. Due to the nature of Managed Services, if we detect an imminent hardware failure we will plan and replace the item before it causes you any business disruption. This comprehensive support extends until the equipment is 5 years old.

How much does managed services cost?


This simple and easy to understand pricing gives you genuine peace of mind knowing that whatever happens BCS are on the case and probably before you would even know about it.

Our intention is to create a no-brainer IT support package that does not leave you wondering if your covered or profits when seemingly good and relatively new equipment suddenly goes wrong.

Minimum Spend

Our packages start with a minimum fee of £270 +VAT per month due to the investment we make into being able to provide you with such a service.

Learning Zone

Our commitment to the enhance the experience of your IT extends with access to our Learning Zone. We run regular courses every month and any customer can send along 2 of your team to any or all of the sessions as part of the agreement. Topics include Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Publisher all at basic and Intermediate levels.


We believe we have created a truly unique offering that is exactly what business owners are looking for. A round the clock service offering 27/7 365 IT support that is simple to understand and easy to budget for. Our customers think so too.

We are one of only three certified managed service providers in the UK and the only provider in Kent. To learn more about our CompTIA Managed Services accreditation and what that means to you click here.

If you are interested in discussing our managed services offering further simply give our friendly team a call on 0800 6521365 or email us at

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