Aaron Rosser

Remote Support Engineer

After dedicating much of his adult life to caregiving, Aaron now joins us as a Remoter Support engineer in 2023. He demonstrated a passion for psychology during his teenage years, and received a distinction in Social Sciences at Canterbury College. Aaron is now ready for the new challenges that life has to offer, and has delved into the world of IT!

Aaron is an ardent football enthusiast who loves playing the sport and supports Arsenal. He finds immense joy in honing his skills on the field and passionately cheering for his favorite team, Arsenal.

Aaron is a passionate fan of MMA, captivated by the skill, athleticism, and strategy displayed in the sport. You’ll catch him frequently watching fights and sharing the triumphs and challenges of the match.

Aaron is a curious individual passionate about understanding human psychology. With a focus on cognitive processes, social behavior, and emotions, Aaron seeks knowledge to support others’ psychological well-being. With an analytical mindset, Aaron delves into the mysteries of the mind, aiming to navigate its intricate landscape and provide valuable insights.