Aidan Gorman

Project Engineer

The latest addition to the Professional Services Team, Aidan will be training with QA to gain his qualification in Professional Services!

Avid Gamer

An avid gamer, Aidan has been part of the community for several years amassing many hours across all sorts of games from racing simulators to competitive shooters. As a competitive person, gaming is a great way for him to get his fix of victory!

Formula 1

Aidan follows Formula 1 religiously; he will never miss a race weekend and follows all of the teams’ updates and posts to stay up to date on everything F1. A Lando Norris fan, Aidan is the man to go to for anything Mclaren or Lando!

(Another) Music Lover

Aidan is a lover of Music, specifically Metal and Electronic. He has been to concerts throughout his life and has acquired a photo frame with all his concert tickets in. He may have to get a second one soon or there will be no more room! A few favourites of his are the Foo Fighters, Beartooth and My Chemical Romance.

Pub Quiz Wiz

A new found activity for Aidan, he has recently started going to the pub on a Wednesday evening to compete against the locals.