Ash Bhandari

Sales Executive

Ash has recently graduated from Canterbury Christchurch University with a HND in Computing and System development and has previous experience as a Web Developer. Ash is very excited to be starting a new journey as a Service Engineer and is keen to undertake his COMPTIA exams over the coming year.


Ash loves to visit new places to try out different cuisines. His favourite food of all time is Momos, which are Nepalese dumplings; he could eat them all day, every day and never get bored! Trying different cuisines also inspires him to recreate it at home – a little bit of trial and error and he’ll achieve perfection one day!

Bean Brain

He loves a good strong coffee in the morning, which wakes him up to get on with the day ahead. It is essential to his daily routine to get that caffeine kick in the morning before attempting any thinking!

Gym Giant

Lastly, Ash likes to stay active regularly whether it be going to the gym, out for a run or long walks. He believe it’s always good for your mind and body to get some fresh air and break a sweat!