Carrie Malone

Service Delivery Manager

As part of a large family, Carrie knows a thing or two about being the support mechanism, needing support… and friendly rivalry- especially with having 4 sisters!

Morning Coffee

Carrie is certainly not a morning person…a coffee is needed to fuel any morning greetings and conversations.


Music has always been a huge part of Carries life and she is usually humming a tune to herself or singing along to the music that is blaring in the car.

Little Ones

Carrie loves spending time with the little members of her family & is proud to be the ‘best auntie in the world’ to 3 gorgeous little nephews and has an amazing godson and goddaughter.


When not at work, Carrie will most likely be found in the pub socialising, bantering with friends, and enjoying a nice cold Peroni…. or 2!