Charlotte Hickman

Service Administrator

Charlotte is a graduate with an English BA degree completed at the University of Sussex. Charlotte’s experience at university and previous customer focused job experience means she is an organised, driven individual whose focus is customer satisfaction, as well as teamwork and support. These skills make her a perfect fit for her Project Delivery Administrator role and a great fit to the BCS team!

Animal Besties

Charlotte has a cat called Olive and a dog called Hugo. Both animals are treated as humans in the Hickman household, though luckily for them, their residence is rent free.

Friends, family & wine

If Charlotte is not at work, she is most likely to be surrounded by her loved ones. Although she likes time to herself at times, she is rarely alone. For her, nothing beats a belly laugh with the girls over a glass of Pino (or 5), or a drive to maccies to have a chin wag and catch up! .


Charlotte is OBSSESSED with music. If there is a good beat then her foot is tapping, and her head is bopping. Her problem is that when she likes a song, she will play it until everyone that knows her is sick to death of it and never wants to listen to it ever again. And yes, she is also that person that changes a song every 10 seconds and can never manage to sit and finish the whole song!

Busy Bee

Outside of work Charlotte is very rarely in one place for too long. She likes being active and busy all the time. Though she likes being active, routine is key for her, and she enjoys and thrives in the routine and structure of work life.