Chelsea Pullan

Remote Support Engineer

Chelsea is a recent graduate with a degree in Cyber Security and Forensics. With a sharp eye for detail and a passion for securing digital spaces, Chelsea is ready to tackle the ever-evolving challenges of the cybersecurity landscape. Chelsea’s dynamic combination of cybersecurity expertise, love for animals, gaming prowess, literary appetite, and music affinity make her a great addition to our team!

Animal Lover

Beyond her cybersecurity prowess, Chelsea has a heart-warming affection for animals. At home, you’ll find her in the company of Rocket the cat and Grogu the gecko. These adorable creatures add an extra dose of happiness to her life.

Avid Gamer

As a gaming enthusiast, Chelsea’s journey began with the introduction to World of Warcraft by her dad during her childhood. Since then, her gaming adventures have expanded to encompass a diverse range of games ever since.


When not immersed in the virtual realms of gaming, Chelsea seeks refuge in the captivating world of books. Her home is adorned with bookcases, a testament to her insatiable appetite for reading – with a particular love for psychological thrillers. A running joke among her friends is that Chelsea should never be left unattended in a bookstore, especially Waterstones!

‘Thank You Very Much’

Chelsea love all kinds of music and will often be found at metal concerts. She also loves 50’s music and will always have a vinyl on her record player at home (usually Elvis).