Chris Delaney

Commercial Administrator

Chris is a Design graduate from Brunel University with a passion for solving problems in creative ways that ultimately make people’s lives easier: call it productive laziness. Building upon his background in Graphic Design, he has created a diverse portfolio of brands while transitioning into the more analytical world of marketing. When he’s not solving problems, Chris loves watching a good mind-bending thriller or playing games on his PC, and even occasionally venturing outside to kick a football.


Chris plays for a Sunday league football team in Canterbury with his brother-in-law, winning the league in 2023 without losing a single game. Currently he is unfortunate enough to be a Manchester United fan, but he saw Ronaldo’s last ever hat-trick at old Trafford during the brief renaissance in 2022.

Fantasy Fanatic

Having grown up watching Lord of the Rings and playing Runescape with his brother, he has a love of all things fantasy which has only grown in recent years. This means you can usually find him playing an RPG or watching Game of Thrones, and he’s even decided to start reading the books in the hopes he can catch up before the next one (he’ll need another few years at this rate).


It used to be trees and rocks, now its brightly coloured plastic over a squishy floor, but the physical and mental challenge of bouldering has become somewhat addictive in recent years.


Chris loves immersing himself in different cultures, trying staple foods and getting to know the locals to find the best spots. Having seen most of Europe, travelling around New Zealand’s magical islands and doing a West-Coast road trip of the USA, Chris now has his sights firmly set on East Asia to sample his favourite foods and see the sights.