Dominic Towe

Project Engineer

For Dom family comes first. Although he is a 6-foot giant and he is a big softie at heart. Problem with him is that not knowing the answer to something isn’t an option. Dom is the kind of person who cannot accept defeat. He will happily remain awake researching things he doesn’t know or understand until he has the answer.

Dom is an avid lover of conversation. In fact, talking too much is normally what can get him into trouble.

Total techie
Technology is critical to Dom. His life is incomplete without the latest gadget! Recently he has gone into Home Automation and have just finishing fitting Sonos Speakers and Phillips HUE lights to his house.

He has a passion for fast cars, currently owner of a Bright Blue Audi S3 with aspirations of owning something faster in the future, you can often hear him coming before you see him!

Night Owl
Dom is definitely an evening person. Attempting an intelligent conversation before 8am isn’t going to go down well. On the other side if you fancy a 2am chat let him know.