Gareth Johns


“It feels kind of like being a proud parent to be the Chairman of BCS, following 22 years of being the Managing Director. I gush with pride at the amazing leaps and bounds the team makes to advance what I conceived so many years before. The heights they will take it to, I can only imagine.”

Having had a few false starts to business in the 80s and early 90s, being one of the founder owners of BCS Gareth’s proudest achievement.

Though his eventual business success, he has been asked to speak internationally on the topic of effective leadership. Transition to an employee ownership structure in 2018 after 22 years at the top, it’s time for new challenges.

For Gareth it’s an honour and privilege to be retained in a Chairman role. Married to Samantha and with one grown up daughter, his passions remain personal development, transformational leadership and travelling the world.

Loves Southwold
The small town in East Anglia is an avid favourite for this motorhome camper, mostly for the Sole Bay Brewery and home of Adnams Broadside.

Comedy with military precision
A trip to the Edinburgh Fringe will include several 10-hour days of comedy, with the timing worked out to get between shows, find a toilet and get another beer.

Previously a boat owner
There is truth in the idea that you only 100% happy with your boat twice. The day you buy it and the day you sell it.

Mushrooms? No thank you Sir!
Maybe the reason he is so open and honest is his allergy to mushrooms. You know how they keep those right? Luckily, he’s still a fun-guy.

Having retired at 50 for 3 months, he got sucked back into full time employment knowing that he could make a difference to the lives of others. Maybe 50 was too young to retire?