Harry Marsden

Remote Support Engineer

Harry chose to switch things up from their previous roles in industry to pursue what they really enjoy, helping people and all things technology related. Having graduated from Canterbury Christ Church University they are looking to grow and be part of the BCS team. With enthusiasm, they are ready to meet and conquer the challenges that the future of IT holds for them.

Provider of family renowned tech support

To friends and family alike, Harry often finds himself roped into solving any and all technical issues for those close around him, from turning the internet box thingy off and on, to all sorts of hardware and software issues, with patience Harry takes the time required to help them understand just what’s gone wrong, and how to avoid it. To date, no friend & family callout has proved too much to handle.

Bit of an average gamer

Harry has been into PC gaming for a long time, and the magic is still going strong. Whilst enjoying all sorts, Harry believes he’s got what it takes when it comes to first person shooters. With a slightly embarrassing amount of hours behind them in the Counter Strike series alone, they’ve always managed to keep a cool head in tense situations. When not in a competitive environment Harry can be found enjoying many notable RPGs and MMOs and known to dabble in becoming a somewhat decent space combat pilot, and part-time explorer of other players cargo holds…

Fancies himself okay at driving

There aren’t too many things Harry finds more satisfying than driving a capable car that loves to be driven, and he’s driven a few. Whilst Harry knows the difference between a road and a race track, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t know how to enjoy both safely and responsibly.

Certified basic Chef

While concrete certifications for his culinary skills have yet to be provided, Harry does seem to understand the fundamental importance of good seasoning. He enjoys taking inspiration from his personal experiences and favourite dishes, and whilst you might not want him cooking for your entire family, in a pinch you might be pleasantly surprised. At the very least you know he’ll make an effort.