Kristien Brelade

Remote Support Engineer

A recent AI graduate, Joseph is the trusted tech wiz to those that know him. Nestled comfortably at BCS, he revels in the joy of accomplished tasks and the daily opportunities to learn something new

A Natural Development

Joe’s attention is captivated by coding projects like a magnet to metal. Similar to the satisfaction derived from solving a complex puzzle, he finds joy in witnessing the seamless integration of countless components. Whether it’s crafting games, designing websites, or developing desktop applications, Joe has dabbled in a diverse array of coding endeavors.

A Virtuoso Guitarist

Rock music pulses through Joe’s veins. While a moment of tranquility is appreciated, there’s nothing quite like cranking an amplifier to eleven and immersing himself in the timeless tunes of classic rock. For Joe, the thrill of shredding on his guitar is an unparalleled joy.

A Passionate Traveler

For Joe, the allure of being lost in an unfamiliar place is downright exhilarating. Exploring cultures, savoring diverse cuisines, and navigating through different languages provide a rich tapestry for his curious mind. From traversing the landscapes of Europe to the bustling streets of Asia and the vibrant cultures of the Americas, Joe has crossed off many amazing places from his list.