Khan Tomlinson

Service Delivery Manager

Lovingly called “Khanivore” by his colleagues, firstly because he is a vegetarian and it’s ironic, but also because he tackles problems with the ferocity of a wild man-eating animal.

Going back to the point about being a vegetarian, I don’t know if someone who doesn’t eat vegetables or salad is actually a vegetarian… he likes Pizza, loves Pizza in fact, he also likes cheese sandwiches with ketchup (which is essentially an uncooked pizza), so if Pizzatarian is a thing then that is what Khan is.

Chelsea fan
Khan is an avid Chelsea fan and enjoys going to matches. His favourite ever player is Frank Lampard.

Family guy
He married his childhood sweetheart in 2016 and now is the proud father of 2 boys.

From the Lake District to Utah, Khan has seen it all. A keen adventurer, with wanderlust in his blood. One day Khan hopes to travel the whole length of Route 66 in a Mustang!