Matt Kateley

Account Manager

Known at BCS for having the best hair and the worst beard, his do or die attitude towards looking busy is top tier. Whether it be onsite or remote, his past as a public speaker and communicator has helped him to work with customers of all varieties.

Matt plays no fewer than 5 instruments and has been a touring musician for more than 10 years, performing in almost every country in Europe playing everything from jazz to electronica – But metal is where his heart is.

Avid tech enthusiast
What started as a couple of guitar pedals has spiralled into a career and obsession. From home-brew sound-effects circuit bending to gaming PCs built from salvage, Matt has probably built it, broken it and then fixed it again.

Youth empowerment
Matt spent 5 years as a part of The National Citizen Service, helping the young people of the south east achieve and give back to their communities. His work has resulted in young people dedicating more than 120,000 hours of volunteering across hundreds of projects in Kent’s communities.

Game guru
They say that once you spend 10,000 hours doing something, you’re a master. Matt’s logged more than 5,000 on RuneScape 3 alone, and once you count every console and PC game he’s ever played… you start to wonder if he sleeps.

Recording mogul
Aside from part-owning a small record label, Matt’s taken part in the recording of more than 20 album’s worth of material both as an artist and an engineer – not to mention hundreds of shows as a live sound engineer. His advice – Hearing protection is your friend, and a drum machine is better than a human.