Mike Stirrups

Account Manager

Mike joined us as a Remote Support Engineer, and has since transitioned into the Account Management team in 2023. Mike is looking forward to building and fortifying relationships with all of our customers.

Car Enthusiast

Mike loves going out for a drive and attending car shows with his family and friends. He has a noisy, unreliable classic Mini and a quiet, refined Oldsmobile. He learns to work on his cars with his dad who is a mechanic, which is needed as they’re always broken.


In his spare time, Mike enjoys playing driving games with his racing simulator at home, he also races in endurance races competitively but enjoys a relaxing evening driving online with his friends. Mike has previously built a BMX Game with his development team and released it to the public, with the likes of PewDiePie (YouTuber) playing it on his channel and having over 3.5million views.


Music Enjoyer

Loves chilling out and listening to old Rock and Blues music. Mike has started to learn the guitar so he can play some of the classic riffs that Jimi Hendrix used to play. Mikes music knowledge mostly includes songs from the 50s all the way to the 90s but not much beyond that.