Natalie Doughty

Remote Support Engineer

Natalie started off editing film and doing graphic design to now learning and loving technology. Natalie has always been up for a challenge and is happy to have found her place in the world of IT!

Music Fanatic

Natalie is a massive fan of music and loves going to concerts or singing in the car (we hope she doesn’t start in the office). She also used to play guitar and piano, we are adding her to the list of people that can be in our BCS band!


Definition of a Hodophile: “One who loves to travel.” Natalie loves holidays, and has been all over the world, with one of her favourite places to visit being America, visiting THREE times already.

Animal Crazy

Natalie loves everything under the category of ‘animal’. She has walked with Alpacas, held an alligator and rats, and even saved small mice and a hedgehog. To top that all off, she is also a crazy cat lady, boasting two cats, a dog, and a tortoise, who are currently taking up residence in her house.

Gamer & Racer Girl

Natalie has recently found a love for Formula One and doesn’t miss one race. Her hopes are to drive a race car soon! It doesn’t stop there, Natalie also is an avid gamer, anything from Call of Duty to Animal Crossing and she’s hooked.