Reece Weston

Remote Support Engineer

Avid gamer, Father of a 1.6k gaming PC he used to play the tournament scene for Gears of War and League of Legends. Also an Ex Mythic progression raider, ex Second best Demonhunter on Outland in Legion.

Colonel Weston
Reece is keen on the gym going, not so keen on the healthy eating. He’s been on and off going to the gym for 5 years now. And also been on and off going to KFC for 5 years now, by on and off we mean he goes there daily.

Anyone for a ‘Spoon’?
A lover of the Wetherspoons franchise, Reece used to frequent the fine halls at Margate every Friday for a chilli prawns starter and collection of beverages.

Emo flap
He’s also a lover of the punk, Rock, Alt Rock, Pop Punk music genres, but with one look at his hair I’m sure you all knew that already.

My precious
Reece’s favourite films are the Lord of the Rings Trilogy. He has a Lord of the Rings tattoo on his right shoulder (see Instagram for pics!)

Not so Fast but a little bit Furious
He’s also a lover of fast cars. Well – being in them at least – seeing as he is the only member at BCS who still can’t drive!