Toby Field

Project Engineer

When not at work Toby is often at the local pub playing pool or talking rubbish with his mates. Other than that, most of his free time is taken up with watching terrible TV shows.

Avid water sports enthusiast.
If it can go quickly on water and is mildly dangerous then he is happy. From Kite boarding to White Water Rafting Toby is interested in it all.

Toby enjoys heading up North and finding a good campsite near some large mountains to spend all day hiking up and down.

Film Aficionado.
Most films will keep Toby entertained for the night usually accompanied by a pint and some decent snacks.

Music Lover.
Music is a large part of Toby’s life and his taste varies from Hits of the 60’s to a bit of Soul and Funk. Recently started going to concerts and now cannot stop.

Keen Traveller.
Toby has visited a good few places in Europe, visited America and spent a couple of weeks in Egypt. Soon to be going to Budapest but is keen to get a few more places under his belt. The dream is to travel around Asia, especially Vietnam.