As a managed service provider, we understand the importance of security for you and your organisation. Passwords are an everyday part of life and with technology developing at the pace it is, having multiple passwords is normal – but are they secure? For your security, having different passwords with unique characters is best practice. With cyber-crime on the rise each year, protecting your data and passwords is essential.

Here are some helpful tips from our ninjas to help you stay safe and protect your passwords –

  1. When creating a new password, it is best to use a mixture of lower case & upper case letters, numbers and unique characters. An example of this would be NiNjABcS3*6#5!
  2. Change your password on a regular basis and make sure it is different each time. Try not to re-use old passwords.
  3. Never write your passwords down on paper or save them in your mobile device. If that information gets into the wrong hands, accessing your accounts will be easy.
  4. While connected to public Wi-Fi, avoid accessing sensitive information which requires password entry. Public Wi-Fi networks are not always protected and your data could potentially be at risk.
  5. Never provide your password information online or over the telephone. Be aware of suspicious emails which may contain phishing links, trying to access your personal details.

Here at Business Computer Solutions, our engineers liaise with our clients regarding their password requests, within our agreed SLA’s. If you would like any advice on password protection or security for your systems, please call our team of knowledgeable ninjas on 01843 572600 or email us at You can also visit our Reviews & Helpful Tips’ section on our blog, which has posts on subjects such as cyber-crime, malware and much more.

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