Most businesses use personal information on a daily basis. This can be for collating information about existing customers or marketing to prospective clients. It can also be to access employee records. Businesses must ensure they comply with the obligations set by the Data Protection Act.

No matter what size your business is, good management of this data is essential. Under the Data Protection Act, businesses must state clearly what they are going to do with personal data and also how it will be used & with whom. A privacy notice ensures compliance with the obligations under the Data Protection Act. This can then be given to clients and displayed easily, on a website for example.

Losing personal data could result in reputational damage, as well as a potential fine of up to £500,000 and possible compensation claims from individuals affected. The Data protection Act sets out that individuals have the right to access personal data held by their employer or organisation.

Businesses should have a data protection policy and procedure to protect both personal data and the business. For more information on the Data Protection Act, please click on this link.