Security Webinar #6: Security Information Awareness

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September’s Webinar – Security Information Awareness


The latest instalment of our security webinar series was all about the importance of keeping your end users aware of the guidelines and risks involved with being a part of a technology-orientated workplace.

Policy can be written for anything!

The two main ways an end-user can be aware of these risks are through Cyber Essentials training and implementing Policies that clearly outline the standards and expectations required in the workplace. Your workforce is the “last line of defence to your network” as mentioned by our security engineer Lee Hutton. Therefore, training your staff to be able to identify threats and potential attacks is key to preventing your business taken hostage.

Similarly, policies are in place to outline standard operating procedures for your employees to follow, such as Bring-Your-Own-Device and Best Password Practices. It creates an agreement between the business and the individual that prevents mal-practice and mistakes from happening; however innocent they are, it can pose a real threat to your business.

Internally, placing technical, physical and administrative controls also allows us to bolster our information security awareness. For example, locking server rooms and using password managers to safely store and encrypt user passwords.

If you missed the webinar, we have uploaded a copy below to watch and to share with your colleagues.

The Recording

What’s Up Next: Business Continuity Plan

Next month, you can catch Lee speaking about creating a plan that ensures your business keeps on moving – even during unexpected circumstances. What is important for your business to continue it’s services during disruptive periods? Find out next month in the next webinar of the series!

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