2017 was a pretty big year in terms of high profile cybersecurity breaches, and it was not just large companies getting attacked, but the thousands of small businesses that got caught out every single day. So, what six things can you do to protect yourself from cyber-attacks in 2018?

  1. Ensure your Endpoint Protection is up-to date. Whatever service you are using for your Endpoint Protection keeping it up to date is essential with how quickly these cyber threats are evolving and changing. Your IT provider will most likely be handling this for you and if not, you should understand how to make sure it is kept up to date. Endpoint Protection and its management is included in our IT support costs.
  2. Use a web filtering service like Cisco Umbrella. This service will check every website you and your employees try to access and checks there is no hidden viruses or malware lurking on the site or even in the adverts for that site. This stops you accidentally becoming infected by simply visiting a rogue website which is very easily done. Web filtering is again included in our support offering.
  3. Read emails properly – By this we mean do not skim read and make sure that the email you are reading is in fact from the person you think it is and not a clone email made to look like it was from someone you know. Ask yourself some basic questions like: Would this person normally write like this? Would this person normally make this kind of request? Is this email address exactly the right one?
  4. Check the links before you click – You can do this by simply hovering your mouse over the link like in the image below. If the address looks different from the website you were expecting then do not click the link and report it to your IT department or provider. Six Things can you do to protect yourself from cyber-attacks
  5. Keep yourself up to date and educated on the latest threats and how to avoid them. You really need to have all your staff take some form of Cybersecurity training. There are lots of options available that charge various rates for online and workshop based training. At BCS we have created our own online training platform at bcs365.co.uk/develop-your-staff if you would like your company to be able to train your staff using this online course then email info@bcseducation.co.uk and ask us for a code to get access for free.
  6. There is, of course one last layer of defence should a new threat manage to find its way onto your network. Your Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) solution should be able to restore all your systems back to exactly how they were just before they were infected potentially saving you thousands of pounds, hours and more importantly your businesses ability to continue to trade with minor disruption. Backup is simply no longer enough and having both a BDR plan and solution in place is a must to stay ahead of today’s potential threats. To learn more about our BDR solutions click here.

Should you have any questions about any of the above please do not hesitate to ask me by emailing me at martin.hynes@bcs365.co.uk or calling me on 01843 572600

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