Business Computer Solutions started around nineteen years ago with the passion and dedication of our Managing Director, Gareth Johns. As every business grows, so does the need for change and to assess the organisations’ ways.

We have a team of twenty five dedicated ninjas and sixteen of them are Engineers, field and in-house. Being part of a team and working together is vital for the organisation to run smoothly and to ensure customer expectations.

In July 2015, a decision was made to split the engineers into four teams, with the focus being ‘we are still one big team.’ The focus of our organisation is always on our clients and splitting the teams ensures building personal, long term relationships. Our clients have six dedicated engineers in their team (soon to be eight), with a mixture of experience that they can speak to on a first name basis. Our engineers understand their organisation, the systems they use and the issues they have.

We have the Blue team, Green team and soon to be implemented, the Purple team. With the team splits, each team also has a dedicated Account Manager. This role ensures our clients are happy and to update them on any developments regarding their IT support.

BCS have also implemented the NOC (Network Operations Centre) team who are responsible for all the internal processes within the organisation, which will also benefit our clients as a result. Trialling products and services internally with the NOC team ensures we deliver and implement smoothly.

Business Computer Solutions are a growing company, with strong values and our team members are regarded as part of that growing family. We are preparing for the developing, ever changing future and to ensure we continue to grow with your business. Our vision is the same as it was nineteen years ago, to be the ‘go to’ IT organisation in Kent, with the knowledge and team expertise to take care of your requirements. Whether you are in the Blue team, Green team or Purple team, you will be taken care of 24/7, 365 days a year, by the whole team.