Computers are just like me and you. How I hear you ask? Well, after a while of not shutting down, taking a well-deserved rest or having a break, they slow down and don’t work as well; the same as us!

Keeping your machine running at all times can lead to Wi-Fi connectivity issues and infuriatingly slow performance. Putting your laptop or desktop machine to sleep or enabling hibernate mode will not solve the issue. That’s because sleep mode still sips enough power to keep the computer’s state in memory.

Fortunately, shutting down your computer regularly, can give your machine a fresh start. If you notice that your computer is slogging through the simplest of tasks and you find yourself struggling to remember the last time you shut down your computer, it might be time to reboot.

Recent password change? Update just installed on your computer? Worked through the night on that important document? Turn your computer off and back again; it will work much better after that!


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