Two thirds of Kent businesses may be targeted in cyber-attacks in 2022

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Cyber-attacks from Russia and China have been increasing rapidly this year, particularly targeting small business in Kent. Small business’ make up 76% of Kent’s overall business cohort, meaning these new attacks are likely to disrupt more than half of the county’s business’ in 2022.

Whilst there are many different types of cyber-attack, the most common in the UK include Hacking (Social Media & Email), Virus (incl. Malware & Spyware) and Personal Hacking, as reported by ESET.


Worryingly, these attacks are becoming intelligent and harder to detect, with KentOnline revealing that “there were more than 76 million unsuccessful attempts to infiltrate the cyber defences of Kent County Council during the coronavirus crisis”.

The latest stats for this year reveal:

  • Kent has the third highest rate of cybercrime in the UK
  • Kent Police reported in 2019 that over half of crimes have a ‘cyber element’
  • Only 30% of Kent business’ have improved their IT security and online protection in 2020

So what are the biggest threats coming our way in 2022? Our security expert Lee Hutton cautions “We need to be strengthening our first line of defence; the humans sitting behind the screen. Common cracks such as lack of training and giving individuals access to too much data poses many risks to your business”.

Human risk is far bigger than most owners and managers realise

How can you avoid falling victim to the next cyber-attack?

58.8 people in 100,000 were victims of cybercrime in Kent in 2019, however less than half of cybercrimes are reported. To avoid being just another statistic in this on-going issue, our security expert Lee stresses that “Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) is a must have – in 2022 it should be an essential to your business just like the air you breathe”.

If you are concerned about any of the issues discussed in this article, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our security expert at


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